Exclusive Books

Exclusive Books

Exclusive Books at the Grove Mall in Namibia is South Africa's leading general book retailers.

Exclusive Books has a rich history - a colourful past of peaceful protest, fascinating stories and a family of staff, all boasting eclectic and wide-ranging knowledge. We are more than a store: we are a shared cultural touchpoint with personality and authority made possible through passion and an undying love of literature. We opened our first store on King George Street in Johannesburg in 1951 and have since expanded to over 40 stores with one in Botswana, one in Namibia, and one that can only be found in the sky - www.exclusivebooks.co.za. While we may be online, at heart we remain as we started out: a quirky local bookstore staffed by the keenest of readers and still crazy about books after all these years.


Owned and Managed by:

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Operations Manager
Jaco Eloff
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Sales and Exhibitions Manager
Daphné Voigts
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Leasing Enquiries
JP Duncan
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Centre Manager
Lindsey Voigt
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